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The Foundation Academy is designed to teach you how to lose weight, tone up, and most importantly - how to stay that way. Workouts to make you stronger, a food guide to teach you how to balance your diet (and what that really means), and a community that's there for you every step of the way.

My brand new Foundation Academy: What It's All About

 Workouts for a stronger, sexier body
 Weight loss while eating foods you love
 Setting your mind up for long term success
 An awesome group of people just like you

More of a bookworm? Check this out.

Last year I released my first book - Finding Your Balance. It's all about understanding what it really means to have a balanced diet. Basically - how to eat to look and feel amazing, and still eat foods you love without ruining your results. It got to #1 on Amazon, so it's probably worth a read.