004: How To Keep Your New Habits & Stop Starting Over

You know when you’ve started a new diet, or started going to the gym, and you feel like it’s going well when all of a sudden you realise you haven’t been the gym for 3 weeks and you’re halfway through a tub of Ben & Jerry’s?

A lot of the time, this happens because going to the gym or focusing on your diet takes effort. But when things in our lives start to get stressful we take our eye of the ball and fall back into old, less-than-productive habits.

A few months back I gave a talk at the Liverpool health and wellbeing festival about how to notice when things are starting to get on top of you, how to break down those stressful situations to make them easier to manage, and how to use that to make sure you stay on track and keep moving forwards.

In the middle there is a practical part where you’re supposed to write things down. So if you can grab a notebook to do that - awesome. If not, just chill out during those little breaks, have a think about what your answers would be, and do some mindful breathing until the next part.

If you try out the exercise, drop me a message to let me know what you got out of it.

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