Total Loser Winners 2017

Rules for life:

  1. Love and care for yourself first if you want to be able to love and care for anyone else.
  2. Always choose to do what will make you happy; but don’t be a d**k about it.
  3. Have fun and live for the stories.

Apparently when I was little, I wanted to be a minister in a church like my Grandad. I used to put my little Thomas the Tank scarf on like the scarf he wore, stand on a chair, and break pieces of bread and say the communion prayers. I even led a funeral when my nan’s pet cockatiel died. Every Sunday we’d go to church and I’d watch him talk to this group of people who’d all turned up to hear guidance from him on how they could live a better life.

Fast forward to March 2017. I’m 23 and working through a personal development workbook by Tony Robbins. In one exercise he asks you to think of what you wanted to be when you were younger, why you wanted to be that, and what you thought it would give you. The point was to help you find your purpose. Given that I was around 4 at the time of wearing my Thomas the Tank scarf I don’t think I was consciously contemplating my future purpose.

Then I suddenly realised I was doing exactly what I used to see Grandad doing every week – but as a personal trainer. People would come to see me every week – some one-to-one, some as a big group through Total Loser – for guidance on how they could live a better (healthier and happier) life.

This website is my little corner of the internet to try and send my messages further out into the world.

Grandad used to tell stories to help people understand the messages he was trying to teach. These are mine. I hope you enjoy them as much as those people every Sunday enjoyed his.