How To Do Your First Pull-up – Part 1/2

Pull-ups are one of those elusive exercises that many of us wish we could do, I believe we should all be able to do, but many of us can’t do. There’s no big secret, just a few a simple steps. Get started with these two simple exercises you can do at home.

Me holding a Posture like a duck.

The Posture Protocols

Hands up who’s ever had back pain?! *Everybody raises their hand* Back pain is one of the most common issues that we as trainers, our friends as physios, and even doctors come across as a day-to-day complaint. Most things that cause a dull ache in your body are a result of pressure. Whether that’s swelling …

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How To Train For Endurance Events

In a week’s time I’m cycling a charity event: 100 miles from Manchester to Llanberris in Wales. If I’d planned ahead I would have trained like this. It definitely pays to be proactive!

Progressive Overload

Progressive Overload – A gradual increase in volume, intensity, frequency or time in order to achieve the targeted goal of the user.