Find It Hard To Relax? Do This.

Let’s start by just admitting to ourselves that we all get stressed – and that’s okay.

It’s one of our brain’s many ways of keeping us safe. Your brain is telling you there’s something going on it’s not happy with, and it wants you to resolve it.

And if you’re willing to listen, and actually do something about it to make that stress signal go away, the first step is to relax.

When you relax your brain knows your listening, slows down, and gives you the space to think the problem through. It’s good like that.

Once you’re relaxed you can do all kinds of things to work with your brain to resolve the issue such as looking at your Wheel of Life, for example.

But that first step of actually relaxing is the tricky one for most of us. How do you just, relax?

You use a technique.

Many of these techniques fall under the broad term of meditation these days but there are lots. Deep breathing, focused breathing, non-visual sensory mindfulness, progressive muscle relaxation, visualisation… lots.

But knowing where to start with all these different kinds of relaxation techniques can be confusing.

So I’ve done it for you.

I’ve put together the relaxation exercise I use at the start of my group personal training sessions into a YouTube video, and Soundcloud audio.

It’s a nice, simple combination of deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and visualisation.

Watch the video a couple of times first to get used to what to do during the muscle relaxation parts, and once you’re used to it, bookmark this page and just listen to the Soundcloud audio.

The whole thing takes less than 10 minutes. You can give yourself 10 minutes, can’t you?

Good. Ready then? Let’s begin…

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