How To Keep Yourself Sane When You’re Eating Well

Have you ever avoided a social event because you were following a nutrition plan and didn’t trust yourself not to be tempted?

How about the times you DO go to those meals or days out with friends, but then feel left out because you’re not totally joining in the fun with everybody else?

Or felt awkward asking the waiter if you can change something on the menu so that it still fits into your plan?

Probably. We all have.

The 80/20 Rule

The first thing I can advise is to stop giving a fuck what everybody else is thinking about how you eat and do what the hell you like because it’s moving you closer to what YOU want.

The second is what I call the 80/20 rule. If you’re doing all the right things 80% of the time; you can afford a 20% leeway to do “normal people” things.

The 80% is still going to be massively moving you toward your goals. And the 20% isn’t going to kill you or send you back to square one.

It Feels Amazing

When you follow the 80/20 rule it can almost feel like getting your life back.

You can go out to all those weekend social events and properly enjoy yourself and have fun.

You can get involved in the Chinese buffet and absolutely go to town on those shredded duck pancakes.

You can have ANYTHING on the menu.

And the best part is, you can do all of that WITHOUT FEELING GUILTY. Because it’s actually part of the plan.

When sassy Barbara perks up and says, “Hold on, I thought you were on a diet…” with that sassy little you-fucked-up face she makes; you can turn round and be like, “Actually I’m not on a diet, I follow a healthy maintainable nutrition plan. And this is my 20% free time to do and eat different things.”

That’ll shut sassy Barbara’s sassy face right up.

And she’ll probably want to get involved in the 80/20 rule too (in which case you can send her over to the Real Me Revolution to do the Real Me Programme to learn how to apply the 80/20 rule and so much more to become awesome).

We Can Work It Out

Here’s how we do it. Grab a pew and a piece of paper (and a pen or some other writing utensil).

Work out how many meals you have a week.

Now work out 80% of that to work out how many meals leeway you can give yourself.

That’s literally it.

I’ll talk you through mine if it helps.

Of a weekday I have 4 ‘meals’ a day: a smoothie; mince, rice, and sugar snaps; sausages; salmon, rice, and salad. Every day. Same thing. Doesn’t bother me because I love my 20%

Then on the weekend I have smoothies of a morning too and one day have the mince meal, one day have the salmon meal.

So altogether I have 28 meals, and take 4 meals leeway on the weekend.

That’s only 15%!

Thinking about things through the 80/20 rule makes life so much easier and so much more enjoyable.

Now Do It Yourself

Work out how many meals leeway you can give yourself for your 20%. Then, tell us how you’re planning on using them!

Have an awesome weekend!

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