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One Simple Question For Better Food Choices

The world of healthy food is a minefield. Is low carb healthy? Is low fat healthy? Is high protein healthy? Is high fat healthy? What’s a healthy macro split? Wait, what’s a macro? Is tomato a fruit?

So many questions. So many conflicting and confusing answers.

What’s not confusing though, is the fact that we are part of a food chain. Whether you’re veggie and believe that food chain involves animals or not doesn’t matter. We’re still part of a food chain.

What we’re not part of, however, is a product chain.

I always try to make the distinction between “food” and “food products” when I talk with clients (or anybody who asks) about nutrition. Because I don’t believe that the vast majority of the things on supermarket shelves can really be classed as food. Just because it’s tasty when you put it in your mouth and swallow it doesn’t make it “food”.

Food should fuel your body. It should provide you with nutrients, sustinence, the materials to rebuild and repair your body every second of every day to make you look and feel amazing.

It shouldn’t make you bloated and tired and give you headaches and over the long term contribute to lifestyle related diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

Because that’s what food products do. All those things on the shelves that have come from a factory, rather than nature.

And before you say it, I understand that most things have come from a factory to be packaged, but that’s not the point.

One of the easiest ways to tell if something is going make you healthier, or sicker, is to think about how processed it is. Does it look like it was recently a part of nature? Or not? If you can’t imagine how this thing you’re about to put in your mouth came to look like it does, it’s probably best left alone.

Here’s a simple question you can use to guide your food buying decisions when you’re at the shops:

Has this ever ran, swam, flown, or been grown?

Think about it:

  • Chicken: flown/ran
  • Rice: grown
  • Spinach: grown
  • Tuna: swam
  • Beef: ran
  • Prawn: swam
  • Doughnut: I mean it has flour in which was grown as wheat but, I guess not really
  • Cake: it’s got eggs as well as flour? Does that count? No? Okay…
  • M&M’s: fucked if I know.

Does that make sense?

Like most simple guides when it comes to nutrition, it may not be perfect. But at the end of the day it is simple, and it’s effective.

Now those last three, I would look at more as food products than foods. But that’s not to say I never ever have them. Most people who know me know I LOVE the M&M’s in the blue packet. It’s just about keeping things in check. Keeping them in balance. Making sure you look and feel awesome, and indulge yourself from time to time.

Next time you’re out shopping or putting a meal together remember that simple question:

Has this ever ran, swam, flown, or been grown?

If you’re tired of restarting your diet, and want to finally find a balance when it comes to food: check out my 5 star rated book Finding Your Balance on Amazon.

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