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What I Do

I write. About lots of things. Well, four key areas. Nutrition, mental health, exercise, and sexual health. Four areas I feel are key to creating the best you, if you can learn how to make them work for you. If you don't eat well, you die. If you don't think well, you get depressed. If you don't move well, you start to rust. If you don't embrace your sexual self, well, that's a whole host of awful.

Blogs are great. They’re a great place to splurge out what’s on your mind with something that hopefully is useful to someone. Books, though, are even better. Books can compile all those splurges into a handy concise manual, or a bedtime story to help your kids learn about mental health too. I like to do both. Check out my books that are available so far, and the ones in the pipeline.

They say a picture tells a thousand words, so a moving picture must tell millions. Sometimes, as in the case of exercise tutorials or recipes, a blog just doesn't cut it. Sometimes, I need to look you in the eye as I drop a knowledge bomb on you that just might change your life. Either way, videos are great. So if you often find yourself lost on YouTube, find something good in here instead.