006: Mental Health & Mindfulness for Men, Kids & More with Steve Opalenik

In today’s episode I’m talking with Steve Opalenik. Me and Steve met a few years back at a calisthenics course over in New York and so I went into the interview with my little plan thinking that was the main thing we’d talk about. But once we got started we went straight into Steve’s family-run non-profit, the Promethean Project. See Steve is a mental health counsellor, and so our entire conversation was just all about that because I just wanted to know more and more. We talked about SO MUCH good stuff.

We talked about Steve’s own overeating disorder he struggled with as a teenager, what it’s like for a lot of the teenage boys he works with to start opening up to and dealing with emotions, how movement can help you control your emotions, mindful breathing for kids and honestly just so many awesome little topics.

I’m almost certain there’ll be at least one or two little nuggets in here that switch on a little light bulb in your head for one of those “oh…” moments.

Make sure you let me know what those moments are on Facebook or Instagram or drop me an email.

So without further ado… let’s get into it.

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