007: Living For The Stories & Keeping It Simple With Georgina Creed

In this episode I’m talking with Georgina Creed. Me and Georgina work in the same gym chain just in different gyms so I saw her pop up in my Instagram a little while ago. I thought she was putting out a lot of really good content that would be good for you guys to hear so I wanted to get her on so we could dig into that stuff and more. As with every podcast interview so far we segued and branched to and from all kinds of different topics.

We ask whether you’re really going to be happy if you get abs, we talk about the weird way people will avoid things in real life but then do those things on purpose in the gym, and touch a little bit more on managing social events. So if you enjoyed the podcast on that you’ll like that bit of this one, too.

One of the things we talked about that I thought was massively important was how Georgina learned a lot of stuff from her parents growing up in a pretty sporty family like cooking and ENJOYING being active. And how once she got to uni she realised that a lot of her new flatmates didn’t know how to cook and a lot of people will AVOID being active where you can. And this is important because if you’re a parent listening to this trying to improve your lifestyle - remember that your kids are watching. And they’ll learn what you teach through your own actions. Georgina puts it really well towards the end of that topic so I’m not going to steal her words, I’m going to let you listen to hers.

Just like the podcast with Steve last week on mental health and mindfulness there are LOADS of great little nuggets in here that I know you’ll find useful. When you hear one of those nuggets, let me know what they are the Facebook or YouTube comments for the podcast or drop me a message on Instagram so I can share that nugget with everybody else as a little highlight clip.

Thanks for taking the time to tune in and so without further ado, let’s get into it.

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