009: All About Calories Part 1 – Basic Principles

I get a lot of questions online from people confused about calories. Are they having enough? Too many? Why aren’t they losing weight when they’re burning so many and eating so little? It can get confusing and I want to clear it up.

In these next 3 podcast episodes we’re going to do a mini-series I’m calling All About Calories.

Today, we’re looking at what calories actually are and how the principle of calorie balance ACTUALLY and ALWAYS works - even if you think it doesn’t apply to you.

Next week we’re going to look into some of the most popular diets and how they ALL use this principle. From Atkins to Zone to Flat Tummy Tea.

And finally in Part 3 we’re going to look at the Mythical 1200 Calorie Goal and my recommendations for long term weight loss with the principle of calorie balance in mind.

Here we go. Part 1.

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