Survive Or Thrive

Most of us spend our days and weeks (and even lives) doing an okay job, earning an okay wage, to fund an okay living in an okay home. Everything’s just, okay.

And that’s absolutely fine, that’s your animal brains doing their job absolutely perfectly.

Their job is all about maintaining the existence of this you, in this way, in this world. They know that living the way you do right now, in the world you’re currently surrounded by is good enough for you to keep going as you are and survive.

So they like to keep it that way. This is what we know, this is safe, this is comfortable. And this is why we don’t like change. Change means risk, and risk can mean threat.

The human brain on the other hand, is all about change. The human brain wants you to be creative; be imaginative; explore, do, and achieve new things; and ultimately thrive in a world of unlimited opportunity.

The higher level human brain allows us to imagine and step forward into a greater future. The animals want to hold us back and keep things as they are. But it’s important to recognise they don’t do that for any negative reason. They just do it to keep us safe. They’re doing their job and they’re great at it.

If you let them do their job too well though, they’ll prevent the human brain from doing it’s job. They’ll suppress your imagination, your creativity, and your ability to invent and create an incredible life others could only dream of.

Everything in your life is created twice – first in your mind when it’s just an idea, then in the real world when you make it happen. Your car, your job, your weekend plans.

You can learn to control your animals, and let them know they’re safe as the human steps into change.

But in order to do that, you have to make a choice. You have to commit to doing things differently and believing in yourself.

Everything you’ve done so far has brought you to this point, reading this, right now. What are you going to do next? Survive? Or Thrive?

If your answer was to thrive, I invite you to download and make your way through my Threat Analysis Toolsheet. It will help you to become more consciously aware, and give you a greater understanding, of the things in your life that make your animals feel threatened. And as a result, your human can start to thrive.

Download it by clicking this link: Threat Analysis Toolsheet.

Let me know how you get on with it, I’d love to hear from you.

Title image via The Atlantic.

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