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You may have heard me or somebody else say before that self-awareness is everything. Every change starts with awareness. If you’re not aware that something is a problem, you’re never going to change it.

And that’s where many of us slip up. Just like how a pain in your arm can be a symptom of a heart attack, things going wrong in your career can have their roots in your social life.

Our brains are always looking out for danger. And avoiding it is always our top priority. To your brain, any kind of problem is interpreted as danger and your brain will focus on that danger until it goes away or is dealt with.

Because of this, our attention will always be diverted from the areas we can be trying really hard to improve if there’s a problem in another. Which makes it A LOT harder to improve the intended area.

So, if you want to make the fastest progress in your life, get rid of the problems. Free up your brain’s full capacity for attention and NAIL what you want to!

We can do this using the Wheel of Life.

The Wheel defines 8 life areas:

  • Business / career
  • Health (and fitness)
  • Family & friends (social life)
  • Romance / love / sex
  • Personal growth (learning new things)
  • Environment (where you live, your car, your office, etc)
  • Fun & recreation
  • Finance

How To Use The Wheel

Go around the Wheel and give each area a score from 0-10, and mark it with a cross. The outer black line is 10, and each yellow line up is 2.

Now join up the dots, and see how smooth your wheel is.

If there are any big dips, that’s going to make for a seriously bumpy ride. If this is the case, your best option is to address the dip.

Use the Threat Analysis toolsheet to understand why this feels so low, and what you can do about to help improve this area’s score. Giving you a smoother wheel, and your life a smoother ride.

If your wheel is generally pretty smooth and balanced, or there are a few big peaks – awesome! Don’t try to smooth out the wheel by bringing the peaks down – bring everything else up! Decide which area you want to work on next and make awesome stuff happen.

But First

Before you score your Wheel of Life areas, it’s best to Define the Extremes. This means you go through each area and define what a 0/10 in that area would mean for you, and what a 10/10 would mean.

This gives your scores much more relevance, meaning, and objectiveness. Otherwise you’re pretty much just picking numbers out of the air.

When you do this, be as honest with yourself as you can. I want shit to get deep. Real deep.

I want you to imagine yourself in that 0/10 and feel how it would feel to be there. Awful, for a start. A 0/10 is lower than low, and if you can be completely open and honest with yourself I want tears. If you can imagine and feel how it would feel at 0/10 that’ll make sure you NEVER get there and make that imaginary feeling a real one.

And do EXACTLY the same on the other side. When you’re defining your 10/10 I want tears of EXCITEMENT. Of happiness, of joy. I want you to feel so uplifted and energised by that imaginary feeling that you start wanting to do anything and everything possible to make it REAL!

The more definition you can give to your 0’s and 10’s the better. What’s going on? What are you doing? What have you gained? What have you lost? How does it feel? Write it all down and use that to start creating your future.

And now that you have these definitions, the scores you give will be relative to something.

When you’re working out how to move a score away from 0 you can say: “this, this, and this needs to STOP”.

When you’re working out how to move a score closer to 10 you can say: “that, that, and that needs to START.”

Make sure you do them in the order they’re given too. There’s a reason Finance is at the end. If you’ve defined 10/10’s full of awesome stuff in all these other areas, your 10/10 finance is going to have to support them. Think about that when you get to it. You might even want to loop back to your Career area and make some adjustments based on the Financial requirement you may not have thought about.

Always remember, your Personal Life is by far the most important. Your Business Life is there to support your Personal Life.

Make It Happen

You can download both these toolsheets for free by clicking the links below. Grab a notebook, grab a pen, find a place you won’t be disturbed, put on this Spotify playlist and go nuts

Download “Wheel of Life: Define the Extremes”

Download “Wheel of Life: Your Wheel”

Once you’ve created your wheel, take a snap and share it on Instagram with what you’re going to do next! And make sure to tag me @shaunherr, I’d love to hear your plans.

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