Welcome To #AllNewMe!

Hey hey! Welcome the #AllNewMe Lifestyle Transformation Challenge. In case you don’t know me already; my name’s Shaun Herr. I’ve been a personal trainer for over 6 years and over the next few weeks together you and I are going to make awesome things happen.


You’ll shortly be receiving an email that looks just like this page which will have everything you need to know about the challenge and how it all works in there.


For now, I just need you to do TWO things for me.


First: complete the #AllNewMe Starter Form. This lets me know that you‘re okay to exercise, and just helps me find out a little bit more about you and where you’re at.


Then: head over and join my private Facebook group. This is a group for members of the #AllNewMe challenge and my private clients. Which means everybody in there is working towards the most awesome version of themselves, just like you.


That's where the weekly HIIT workouts will be posted, where there’ll be recipe ideas shared, and most importantly it’s where you can ask for help. Like I said, everybody in the group is working on moving forwards just like you, and we all tend to come up against the same kinds of obstacles along the way.


When that happens, ask about it! Odds are, somebody else either already has or currently is dealing with the same thing, and can help you find a solution 🙌


Click the buttons below to go to the Starter Form and the Facebook Group.


Then just keep an eye out for the full welcome email coming your way. Make sure you check your junk folders in case it goes in there. If it does: move it to your inbox so you get the rest.


See you soon! 😀

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That email will have the same information and links as this page for you to refer back to at any time.
See you soon!
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