Handstands are really fun!

Find Your Fun When It Comes To Exercise

When we’re kids, exercise is fun. So fun in fact that we don’t even think of it as exercise. It’s only when we grow up we start thinking otherwise. So, if you want to get into exercise and stick with it – be a kid again!

Me doing a squat

How To Do Squats When You Think You Can’t

Struggling with squats? Finding you get knee, hip or back pain or just can’t get lower? All you need is these few simple steps to be able to squat better than you have in years.

How To Do Your First Pull-up – Part 1/2

Pull-ups are one of those elusive exercises that many of us wish we could do, I believe we should all be able to do, but many of us can’t do. There’s no big secret, just a few a simple steps. Get started with these two simple exercises you can do at home.

Me holding a Posture like a duck.

The Posture Protocols

Hands up who’s ever had back pain?! *Everybody raises their hand* Back pain is one of the most common issues that we as trainers, our friends as physios, and even doctors come across as a day-to-day complaint. Most things that cause a dull ache in your body are a result of pressure. Whether that’s swelling …

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