It’s Who You Know

You may have heard me mention already that last Friday, Team Whitefield won Pro-Fit Team Of The Year 2016.

We’re all unbelievably happy to have won that award and so proud of one another and our clients for everything we’ve achieved this year.

What I haven’t mentioned much yet – is that I also won an award on Friday.

The award for Achieving Potential.

The Achieving Potential award is named after Pro-Fit’s tagline – achieve your potential. And it’s given to a trainer who’s done just that. Maybe been a little slow to start, but more recently has found their footing, their drive, and whatever else it takes to really start taking themselves, their clients, and everything else to the next level.

When I first started Pro-Fit I was actually pretty quiet (hard to believe now, right?). Like, really quiet. I wasn’t sure of myself, of my ability, my knowledge, or if I could really help people and succeed in this scary new adventure.

I spent my first year quietly shuffling along, just doing what I needed to do to stay above water. I struggled speaking to people on the gym floor – the most important thing for me to do if I was going to be able to help people. That’s the reason I started doing this after all. Around the end of that first year I wasn’t really doing as well as I should be. I didn’t have many clients, I was struggling to pay my rent, and it was fairly obvious that my head and heart just weren’t there.

I had a meeting with Adam and Paul – two of the Pro-Fit mentors. In that meeting they told me that I wasn’t doing as well as they knew I could be (something teachers had told me right through school), and I needed to step my game up. They told me that they believed I could do better, that I could be great, and they wanted to do whatever was needed to help me get there. But, if I couldn’t do that, then maybe this job wasn’t right for me.

That meeting helped, and Adam, Paul, and the rest of the team helped me improve things slowly but surely. Then I hit another lull. I moved into a flat on my own near the gym thinking that would help. Only I didn’t realise that would mean I would hardly get to see my family, the most important people in the world to me. And so I dropped again. My heart was completely elsewhere because not being able to see my family was getting me down so much and making me really unhappy.

Eventually, my Dad convinced me to move home with him. And just before I moved back I came across this quote that has been my motto ever since:

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.

That quote hit me in the face and made me wonder whether I’d been trying to do things the wrong way around. Turns out I had. For a moment, moving home I felt like I’d failed. Like I’d set out on this adventure then had to go back home. But that wasn’t the case. As soon as I got back home, everything I did in the gym started to improve again because I was finally happy.

I was back surrounded by the people I love, and that love me.

From then on everything I did, I did to make ME happy first and foremost. The happier I was, the better I’d be able to help other people too.

My next big turning point was when I’d been doing a lot of personal development and self-improvement. I came to realise that if I was going to truly happy, I had to be honest with myself of who I am and what I want.

So at our next weekly Team Meeting I held my hand up because I had something I wanted to say to the team. It was incredibly difficult, and I think it took me a good 5 minutes to stumble over my words until I finally came out with it and said, “I am bisexual.”

I stared at the ground, not knowing what might happen next. And what happened next I couldn’t believe.

They clapped.

The team clapped, patted me on the back, and said well done and how proud of me they were for telling them that, and how much it meant that I wanted to tell them.

That’s when I realised I’d been surrounded by people I love, and that love me the whole time. That’s when I realised – they’re my second family.

Since then, everything I’ve done I’ve believed in myself, and my team has believed in me. Across this past year I’ve developed myself, my relationships with friends, family, and clients, and an entirely new way to change people’s lives – the Real Me Revolution. I’ve changed so much since that day, and become so much more confident in who I am and what I can achieve.

And it’s all thanks to those people around me.

All of those people who believed in me when I didn’t. All of those people who love me and I know I can trust. Without them, I never would have hit those turning points and taken the right direction. But I did. And I’m so grateful to have every single one of them in my life.

I haven’t even mentioned all of them because if I did this post would take another hour to read. But you all know who you are. Basically if you know me, in any way, you’re one of them. Because in some way, some tiny way that neither of us may even realise,  you’ve helped me to become the person I am now.

Winning that award on Friday meant so much to me I didn’t even realise. Because that night at our party, so many people told me their version of my story through their eyes, and how proud they were of me too. I suddenly realised just how many people believe in me. And I get a bit emotional every time I think about it because I feel so happy, and blessed that I have so many people around me like that.

Take a minute and think about all of the people around you. Ask yourself if they’re going to lift you up or drag you down as you set out on your journey. Do they believe in you?

If they do that’s fantastic and I’m so happy for you. If you can think of someone or a few people in particular, tag them in a comment and let them know you appreciate them. Everybody likes to know they’re appreciated.

Have a fantastic week. And drop me a message if you have any questions about your journey or any of the things I’ve spoken about in this post – I believe in you, and I’d love to help.