003: Beck Yoga on Yoga For Calm, Health, and Weight Loss

On today’s episode I’m interviewing my friend Beck who I’ve known since we were in primary school around 8 years old. Since then I’ve gone on to become a personal trainer, she’s gone on to become a yoga teacher, and we’ve both gone on totally different journeys to end up where we are now.

We talk about our first ever yoga classes, the questions Beck gets all the time in her classes, how you can benefit from yoga in ways you might not expect and how you can get started practicing yoga today.

One thing that really surprised me in this interview was finding out how many people come into yoga classes asking how many calories they'll burn, or if yoga will help them lose weight. Which is surprising for me because I assumed most people would go into yoga with getting more flexible as the priority. The amount of calories you'd burn has literally never once crossed my mind.

And as it turns out, it was a surprise to Beck, too. Because yoga isn't supposed to be about losing weight. It's about loving and connecting to your body. It just so happens that weight loss might be a result of that. For Beck, it actually resulted in weight gain, and she looks better now than ever.

Some really interesting stuff in this one.

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