008: Men Without Masks & Modern Day Meditation With Martin Bone

Today I’m talking with Martin Bone, a meditation teacher here in Liverpool. What I love about Martin is that he’s not your stereotypical meditation teacher. He’s not going around in floaty robes, looking and sounding so chilled out he’s gonna fall over whilst worshiping the sun god and Mother Earth.

He’s just a normal guy. Who meditates. He goes out with his mates for a beer to watch the football, he takes his little girl out for pizza, and runs a successful business.

And for me that’s one of the most important things I want to try and get across to you, meditation and yoga and those kinds of things that would fall into the “spiritual” category aren’t reserved for vegans and people who believe in crystals. They’re just things that are good for you that you should do, no matter who you are.

But anyway, enough about my opinions, let’s find out about the awesome stuff Martin does like his meditation retreat for men and the great way he starts his day.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Oh, by the way, we had a technological nightmare while we were recording this. Cameras switched off, memory cards filled up, mics stopped working. If it could go wrong, it probably did. But I’ve managed to patch it together.

If you’re watching on YouTube or Facebook a bit where the picture cuts out so don’t worry it hasn’t stopped loading or anything. And the sound goes a bit crap towards the end but hopefully it’s still clear enough however your listening.

Now, with that out the way, let’s get into it.

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