012: Progressing Calisthenics & A Pro-Tip for Parents with Al Kavadlo

In today’s episode I’m interviewing Al Kavadlo - an expert calisthenics practitioner who travels the world teaching others how to build a strong body and do amazing things with it. Just by using their own body - no equipment required! Except for maybe a pull-up bar and the odd gymnastic ring or parallette.

I started following Al way back at the start of my health and fitness journey when me and my housemate Nat would watch YouTube videos, learn how to get strong with the minimal equipment we had, and get to work doing rounds of pull-ups and push-ups, squats and leg raises.

Al’s YouTube videos were one of the main things we used to guide our workouts and show us how to progress so it’s an absolute honour to have Al on the podcast. I was actually lucky enough to meet not just Al but also his brother Danny and his wife Grace on the Progressive Calisthenics Certification a few years back - that’s the thing Al goes around the world teaching.

In the interview we touch on how having a health focused family makes your journey that bit easier and also how things have changed since Al’s family got a little bit bigger with the birth of his daughter last year.

Keep an eye out for Al’s top tip for dads. Oh by the way I messed up the technical side at the start of the interview so I had to chop about 5 minutes out because you couldn’t hear all AT ALL. But hopefully it doesn’t sound too disjointed and don’t worry - I’m pretty sure I’ve come across every possible technical issue by this point so we should be smooth sailing from here. Maybe.

Be sure to let me know what little nuggets you get from this interview and without further ado... let’s get into it.

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