Remember The Story Of The Fisherman

There was once a fisherman from a small coastal town.

Every morning he would go out on his boat for a few hours, catch enough fish to feed his family for the day and a few extra for some friends, then head back in.

He’d have his lunch, read the paper, pick his children up from school and play with them when he got home, then spend the evening enjoying a few drinks with his wife and friends.

One day, as he was bringing his boat in, a holidaying businessman was there on the pier.

“You’re coming in early! Not many fish out there today?” asked the businessman.

“Oh plenty, but I have enough for my family and friends already.” replied the fisherman.

“You know, if you spent a few more hours out there, you could catch more fish.”

“What for?”

“Well, if you caught more fish, you could head into the local village market and sell them!”

“I see, and then what?”

“Well, then you could use the profits to buy another boat, and pay somebody to catch even more fish, so you could make even more money!”

“And what would I do with it?”

“Well, if you invested it well, eventually you could buy and run a whole fleet of fishing boats!”

“That sounds exciting. What would I do next?”

“Well, once your fleet became successful enough you could start exporting around the world! You could move to the city to manage and run your company from a high flying executives office.”

“Really? Then what happens?”

“Well, that’s the best part. You could sell your company for millions and retire. You could move to a small coastal town to relax and enjoy your retirement. You could go out every morning and catch enough fish for your friends and family and spend the rest of your day relaxing, playing with your kids, and drinking with your wife and friends.”

The fisherman chuckled. He patted the businessman on the shoulder as he walked past and said:

“You know, I think I’m doing okay.”

Often, we don’t need bigger and better. We just need to recognise how what we already have is more than enough.

Have a great day 💛

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