Your Dreams Aren’t Big Enough

Ooh December. A time for joy and laughter and goodwill to all mankind. And the time to start getting nervous about setting ANOTHER New Year’s Resolution and getting yourself down because you failed the last one 3 weeks in.

Did you set a New Year’s Resolution last year? How’s it going? If you’re still on it I’m so damn proud of you I couldn’t xcven express it with emojis. I’d have to physically hug you.

If not though, don’t worry. You just didn’t plan it right. Good news is though: I’m going to help you do it right this time.

But before we get to that. Even outside of New Year’s Resolutions, how many times have you set a goal or target for yourself and not reached it?

Or, even worse, you did reach it but didn’t really feel as fussed about it as you expected and let yourself slide back into your old ways, your old results?

Side note: everything you do brings you results. Just not necessarily the ones you’d ideally like.

Now then! How are we going to solve the problem of these pesky Resolutions?

Dream – and Think – BIGGER

Those goals and targets you hit, but then weren’t all that fussed about… Think back a little earlier for me. Think about the time when you initially set those goals. How excited were you about it then? Honestly?

Did you think, “Oh god I can’t wait to get to 10 stone it’s going to be bloody fantastic! Think of all the fancy new clothes I’ll be able to buy and feel totally comfortable in! Ooh the Christmas party this year isn’t going to know what’s hit it. Jaws will be dropped!”

Or was it more like, “Yeah I’ve started my slimmers club again, it’ll be good if I get a couple of stone off.”

Can you notice any difference there?

The person behind door number 1 is excited as shit! Number two not so much.

Your goals have to excite you – first and foremost. If they don’t, how much effort do you expect yourself to put in?

You need to start to believe in yourself and think BIG. Dream of a fantastic life that you’ve always wanted!

If you set average goals, you’re going to get average results, and you’re only going to put in average effort – if that – to get there.

However, if you set BIG goals. And I mean bigger than you’ve ever dared to imagine before… You’ll get BIG results and put in MASSIVE effort to achieve them.

I get it – thinking big is scary. It can be overwhelming. What if I you never get there? What if you tell people about these amazing dreams you’ve got and you don’t quite manage it? They’ll think you’re an idiot. Right?

Well, first of all, fuck what they think. You’re awesome.

Second of all – what if you do get there? What if just by imagining that MAYBE you could, by letting yourself start to believe, that’s all it takes to unlock the power within you to break out of the chains of averageness and start sprinting down the path to awesomeness?

Those people who might once have thought you were an idiot will wish they were you. They’ll wish they could just be LIKE you to be able to reach their own goals.

What If?…

The moment you start to think big, and believe that your dreams could actually come true, amazing things start to happen.

You’ll be so excited about this life you’re working towards that you’ll wake up every morning with fresh motivation to do what needs to be done to get there.

You’ll start doing things every day that’ll take you one step closer. And all of those steps, one by one, hour after hour, day after day will mean you pick up so much momentum you become unstoppable. Nothing and nobody will be able to stand in your way of success. You either work out a way over, around, or even THROUGH the obstacles. And sometimes, they’ll just get out of your way.

EVEN IF you do happen to fall short. You’ll be dreaming so much bigger, and moving so much faster than you ever did before you read this post – you’ll still be far beyond what you ever could have imagined before.

Let’s Make It Happen

Here’s what we’re going to do. You’re going to find a pad and a pen – and find somewhere quiet that you won’t be disturbed. I don’t care if the kids or the dog need feeding, they’re not going to die in the next 5 minutes. Besides, once you’re living this awesome life you’re about to imagine – your personal chef will be able to handle that for you. So make the time NOW to get this done.

Now then, ready? Let’s begin.

Wherever you are – on a chair, couch, or the floor – close your eyes and take ten, very slow, very deep breaths. Inhale so deeply you think your lungs might burst. And exhale so far out the breath literally just stops coming out.

As you do that, I want you to start thinking like a child. Remember how you used to think when you were writing your Christmas or birthday lists of what you wanted?

No? You don’t? Well I’m not surprised. Because you weren’t thinking. There was no chance that you weren’t getting that rocket.

Do your best to think that way again. Forget about what’s ‘possible’ or ‘realistic’. If nobody dared to be impossible you wouldn’t be reading this off a handy mobile telephonic device that runs on electricity and lets you speak to friends across the world instantaneously through social media applications.

Pretend – just for a second – that you could have anything you wanted in the world. And as you finish those breaths start to write it all down.

Now I know you’re not a kid any more so you’re not going to write “robot butler” on your list. Mind you, next ten years, you probably could.

You’ll probably write about things like…

  • What kind of holidays you go on – and where.
  • How your health and fitness situation will be – and what you’re going to do with it.
  • How happy you want to be – and who with.
  • How much money you want to earn – and what you’re going to spend it on.
  • What kind of house you live in – and where.
  • What kind of car you want to have – and how many.
  • What you want to do for charity – and how often.
  • What you want to do for your family.
  • What you want to do for your friends.


You might have noticed we put all the “selfish” stuff on first and saved your family and friends for later. That’s because you are the most important person in the world – at least you are in your world. If you don’t put number one first and make you happy – you can’t really do much at all for anyone else.

Feeling a little more excited yet?

COOL, get all of that stuff written down, and anything else you want to be, do, or have in the future.

Then finally – and this is the kicker…

Multiply it by ten. Then write it all down again.

Yes, ten.

  • Want to earn £100,000 a year? Now you want to earn £1,000,000.
  • Want to be able to run a 5k? Now you want to run a 50k.
  • Want a 3 bedroom house? Now you want a THIRTY bedroom house. With a MOAT.

Scared Again?

You’re probably looking at your screen right now thinking something along the lines of, “Whaaat? Fuuuuuck”.

That’s good. That’s what we want. We want to be overwhelmed, and scared, because that shit’s HUGE.

But it also sounds insanely exciting, right? Imagine if you did all that!

No, seriously, imagine it.

Close your eyes again and imagine living a life with TEN TIMES the awesomeness you imagined before. Imagine you, and the people you love being, doing, and having all of that.

How amazing is it going to feel?

How amazing does it feel right now just thinking about it?

Very, I should think.

One last thing, stick that piece of paper with all of your massive dreams on a wall somewhere. Somewhere like the front of your fridge or back of your bathroom door so you get to see it every day and get excited all over again.

Dreaming big like this isn’t for everyone. Some people get so scared they can’t even imagine themselves living such an awesome life.

If you’re reading this, I don’t think that’s you. I think you’re one of those who’s already started their journey to awesomeness. And this is your next step.

Dream big. Be unstoppable. Become Legendary.

Stay Tuned…

Next week I’m going to be writing a follow up post on the best way to set specific goals – and more importantly plans – for 2017, so that you achieve them for SURE.

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